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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Newsflash ; INDYMEDIA IRELAND Top Secret Writers & Offices Located

Red Sean O"Stalin Indymedia Ireland

According to a report which is believed to have been planted in the Irish media by the Irish underground the offices of Indymedia Ireland have after years of undercover work by a freelance Irish reporter been been at long last located.The breakthrough came after he recognized one of the faceless writers of the news outlet, from a plagiarized article using the same phrases and manner of writing with an east Derry accent. The faceless group of Irish writers had been disguising themselves as hippy squatters over at the Ministry of Silly walks outside Belfast. They were also using some circus trcks as a  front for their nefarious activities. See included footage for details;

The investigation has revealed that Irish news channel Indymedia Ireland Is nothing but a front for  North Korea an evil spying network of murderers, documents recovered have revealed.The devastating evidence proves what Western intelligence services have been saying for years: that Indymedia Ireland is nothing but lies and propaganda, that even logging in to them is tantamount to treachery, and the only way to find out the truth is to watch government briefings on RTE and its sister channel the BBC.

The documents seized, cover the period from former President, Kim Il-sung 11, to the day David Trimble was elected First Minister indicating a possible contact between someone who may have been in KGB intelligence and someone whose name is very similar to a man that worked as a cleaner at the Indymedia offices."This damning level of infiltration into Indymedia Ireland is simply unbelievable," said one Western intelligence officer. "It is simply inconceivable. My brain is beginning to hurt as we speak. But I'm not in the least surprised. We now know that Kim Il-sung 11 spent all the money he earned from selling weapons of mass destruction to terrorists on producing propaganda and speading lies about the British and their other island."

The cleaner, a member of the Kim family, would have had access to the inner workings of the newsfront in the evenings when everyone had gone home, it was revealed. It is not difficult to see how, using coded messages secreted inside Indymedia Ireland's broomhandles and bin-liners, he could have edited cyberspace to make it look like the Irish in Ireland weren't happy about the border fox liberating them. Pictures of dead innocent Irish were thought to have been mocked up during tea breaks in staff canteen.

KIm is also believed to have hacked into Indymedia Ireland's computer system with the full knowledge of the management and rewritten the next day's news announcements to include lies and propaganda and dirty nasty filth about the US and UK governments. Despite listening to their own rewritten reports, Indymedia journalists didn't twig because their brains were so addled from poteen, prostitutes and Irish propaganda fed into their brains from the age of two, one expert revealed. A search of KIm's cupboard  by US special forces at the weekend also revealed several pigs, proof that he was also manufacturing biological swine-flu weapons.

Incredibly, the documents also prove that Kim Il-sung  was at one stage in total control of the news outlet, so he must  have been best friends with Sean and so the war on North Korea was right all along, said professor of logical deduction at Washingston State University, Ronnie Dumbsfield.The news that agents from intelligence services have attempted to infiltrate Indymedia news organisations has shocked media pundits worldwide. "I can't believe it," said the former head of the CIA George Tenant. "We had one over-riding rule here, never interfere with the democratic rights of the media and freedom of speech. It just shows how low KIm was willing to go."

The same goes for the UK and their other island. "I am outraged. If there's one thing we won't stand it is MI5 or MI6 agents working as writers, poets and journalists. The media must be allowed to present information in whatever way it likes without any interference from us. Now I must go, I've got 20 minutes to censor 30 articles that are beyond the pale and are using too much Irish cyberspace "


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