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Monday, January 24, 2011


Indymedia Ireland have in fact already banned and censored the Pink Panther, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck !

Mighty Mouse, Batman and Popeye  “not recommended”and Bugs Bunny comic books “doubtful” !

On February 2nd at 4 a.m., Indymedia Ireland will run out of cyberspace and IP addresses to ban or censor in Ireland. At least that’s what an Internet service provider is forecasting, based on a rate of about one million addresses every four hours.Technically Indymedia Ireland's time is up, despite its efforts to leave the minimum number of Irish footprints on Cyberspace. According to one of the numerous native Irish users who have had ISP's banned by Indymedia ireland, they won't be missed,  " They  joined the Wankers Club years ago anyway" she said. We tried to interview them on the matter at their offices, just recently located after years of being a top Irish secret mystery. Such a secret in fact that many suspected for years that it was located beside the Thames. Unfortunately we could only interview them through their letter box using a loud speaker.

We interviewed one of their censors called Iris through the letter box, who apparently is and Indymedia Ireland censor and a cybespace conservationist, who when asked about astroturfing in Ireland, appeared to be prone to bouts of over-excitement. We can, however, only speculate as to what exactly it is about astroturfing, provoked her to suggest that most of the censored Indymedia Ireland articles on astroturfing campaigns on all of Ireland's bogs, would be much improved by supplements with titles such as "Water Sports: Golden sand, Golden sun, Golden shower".

Please readers, don't misunderstand Ireland, no people alive, enjoy water more then the Irish. Indeed so much so, that some usually shower seven or eight times on a non-soft day, more at weekends. And while I can fully appreciate the thrill that mounting a jet-ski like Iris does at Indymedia Ireland might give, as the beast between her  legs provokes a shattering, water-borne climax, I cannot fathom as to how it is connected with astroturfing issues raised, during the interview through Indymedia Ireland's office letterbox..

As we expressed my doubts to Iris through the lettebox, she became increasingly agitated. We had, she insisted, completely missed the point. The debate with Indymedia Ireland became increasingly acrimonious until, incredibly, a furious Iris pulled down her shorts and proceeded to urinate into an expensive Jasper Conran vase in their office, while another of Indy's censor apprentices lay on the floor licking his lips for abit of action.

I hardly need to add that Iris has been sent home pending psychiatric evaluation through a rear entrance. While we are prepared to admit a certain sympathy with some Indymedia people's love of the outdoor life, we must insist upon the following, Water sports are deadly in an Irish bog even for bogtrotters like Indymedia Ireland but then she was simply explaining Indymedia Ireland's activities and the possibilities of a golden shower while astro-skiing in a real Irish bog.

Meanwhile Hurricane Electric have launched Twitter and Facebook accounts that count down to what has been termed the “Indymedia Ireland IPcalypse.” Every device that is connected to the Internet gets a unique code called an IP address. The current system, IPv4, only supports about 4 billion individual IPv4 addresses. This obviously will mean a lot of work for Indymedia Ireland blocking and banning all of the numerous IP addresses censored in Ireland.

PC World’s Chris Head explained yesterday, some of these addresses are reusable. The problem, however, is that their one-time use counterparts, will eventually lead to the complete depletion of IP addresses and in Indymedia Ireland's case, cyberspace burnout and depletion. It is believed the editors at Indymedia are extremely disappointed, as they had hoped to surpass the record in Irish censorship, already set  by the Irish  Censorship of Publications Board, where Mighty Mouse, Batman and Popeye were “not recommended”and Bugs Bunny comic books were “doubtful”. Such was and still are the views of key members of censorship in Ireland, who continue to censor and ban ISP's of cartoon and freedom creators in Ireland. Indymedia Ireland have in fact already banned and censored the Pink Panther, Mickey Mouse and Donal Duck which were part of a treatise on cartoon production in Ireland.

Creative indigenous Irish artists censored by Indymedia Ireland, foresaw this problem long before Indymedia Ireland did and invented IPv6, a system that that uses both letters and digits to handle 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 addresses, so Indymedia Ireland will have a lot of censorship work on their hands for the near future bearing in mind the mirrors and proxy's used by groups such as Wikileaks.

Hurricane Electric’s doomsday encourages native Irish Internet service providers to transition to that system. Fortunately  IPv4 and IPv6 can co-exist during the transition despite being mostly incompatible. Developers are working on the transition and most operating systems install IPv6 by default. Many Irish writers still have some canned food and bottled water stacked up in case of a feared total blackout censorship of all writers in Ireland, so we should be OK either way, even if Indymedia Ireland ban all native Irish writers who are not part of their fascist collective, styled on the national socialist values of Paul Joseph Goebbels .


Gateway 303: Police Disinformation on UK Indymedia

Sheffield Indymedia | 22.01.2011 22:35 | History | Indymedia | Repression | Sheffield

In the wake of the outing of 4 undercover police infiltrators into the UK activist scene, SchNews, have broken a story about police posts to Indymedia. For over two years suspected police articles and comments have been tracked by filters that are triggered by matching IP addresses, the first comment tracked in this manner dates from August 2008 and the last from January 2011. The full lists of gateway 202 and 303 posts has now been published so activists can do their own analysis on the police posts. A feature article about the abuse has also been published by Birmingham Indymedia, this feature article, first started in in December 2009, has been the subject of a huge amount of internal discussion within UK Indymedia and has been one of the reasons behind the decision to fork the project. Sheffield Indymedia supports the use of anti-abuse features to track and remove disinformation from the site and long argued for the feature article exposing the state abuse to be published.

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