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Monday, January 31, 2011


"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." -

-- John F. Kennedy

"The most potent weapon of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed." -

Steve Biko
Today Indymedia Ireland stands accused of willfully breaking the Belfast Agreement or what is called the peace process in Ireland with British or Egyptian type censorship. Rampant blackout censorship and astroturfing have destroyed the Peace process and any form of democracy in Ireland. The British and large international corporations have an almost complete monopoly on the Irish media, with free and fair elections impossible in such circumstances. Indymedia Ireland stand accused of censorship on a scale even greater that for instance Egypt is currently exercising.
The Belfast Agreement with lofty language, constantly mentions enshrining the principle of change, via persuasive, peaceful politics with the consent of the people. To explain it more clearly, below are the provisions of the agreement along with much material from my previous article on this matter.
Principle that any change to the constitutional status of Northern Ireland could only follow a majority vote of the citizens in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland;
Commitment by all parties to use "exclusively peaceful and democratic means";
Establishment of a Northern Ireland Assembly with devolved legislative powers;
Cross-community principle for any major decision taken by the Assembly;
Establishment of a 'power-sharing' Northern Ireland Executive, using the d'Hondt method to allocate Ministries proportionally to the main parties;
Introduction of legislation to place a duty to promote equality of opportunity on public authorities in Northern Ireland
The intentional vague wording of several of the provisions along with ambiguity, demonstrates a level of insincerity not acceptable to any reasonably intelligent objective analysis, bearing in mind the considerable time and expense involved in its construction and its hyped international legal status. It cannot thus be regarded as document of international legal standing. In any event several of its provisions have already been broken by perfidious Albion and its minions in both the British and Irish media as outlined below.
The current reality of this agreement, in key and delicate issues meant to enable peace, where there is a pre-requisite of trust and honesty, there is secrecy, deceit and censorship. While we have censorship, political assassination, kidnap, blackmail, torture, sponsored child rape or [political death threats, we cannot have real peace in the two British created, compliant scum states, not fit for a dog never mind children to grow in peace. All over the Island there are estates of people of no property, policed by British MI-5 & MI-6 sponsored, drug cartels with lazy police approval, just like police thugs without uniforms committing criminal acts to smash people's communities and their empowerment.
At the core of a pseudo peace process in Ireland, was meant to be the principle of consent, touted as delivering a new Ireland, united by the people's ability to recognise common cause, and agree a common path on its relatively small island. One of the biggest obstacles to progressive politics in British Occupied Ireland for decades, was the fear of change and the fear of each other. Nationalists fear that unity will never be achieved. Unionists fear being forced into a united Ireland. Fear has kept Irish people in separate enclaves not just in the north but separate from the south as well, preventing people from recognizing their common interests who live beside each other.
So the basis of what was called a peace process, stated that only through persuasion, could real change take place.
And persuade, peace loving people try, under the constant threat of murderous elimination by British sponsored unionism but now post agreement, by the British form of their sponsored phony murderous nationalists.While the British mentored political establishment, North and South theoretically agreed that the future political path would be exclusively through persuasion and consent, they created a platform of monopoly, for a one party executive with a two state policy, similar to the one created previously in a British compliant catholic scum state in the south.
We have plenty of evidence today, of just what kind of scum states are produced in an Ireland, without core traditional republican values of liberty, equality, fraternity, non-sectarianism brought to Ireland by Protestant, dissenter, dissidents from France, to challenge the old order of the British Monarchy and inherited privilege. Today the old order is still preserved in both Irish scum states, with rampant censorship by outlets such as Indymedia Ireland and the BBC with an almost total blackout of the traditional Irish republican perspective of liberty, equality and fraternity for all of the people of the island.
Genuine persuasion and the development of genuinely sharing ideas, is not happening between neigbours, despite all of today's modern tools of communication. The structures set up to represent the nationalist perspective, are geared towards two state solution parties only. The negotiated agreement, enshrined the principle of no change in constitutional status, without the consent of the people but never included the traditional republican agenda for peace. It instead has created the current political reality of maintaining the status quo in two British compliant scum states, without real accountability or the possibility of peaceful change, outside a revolution similar to the ones, which replaced the monarchies of inherited privilege in Europe and created the republics to enable liberty, equality and fraternity.
How do Irish political pacifist for social justice and progressive change in Ireland use persuasion, if they are constantly censored by the British and their scum state stooges ? How do traditional Irish republicans advocate a united Ireland, while kidnap, murder, torture and threats by the establishment parties, are still sponsored by the British, in their two compliant pacified, scum states ?. How can any ethical activist co-operate with political parties, that legalize child rape in two scum states, reinforced by the British paramilitary police, an archaic British judicial system and an official secrets act the envy of the most fascist of regimes anywhere in the world ? How do you protect your children in two such scum states, if the British mentored establishment of both, are promoting and protecting child rapists, using it as political tool of Irish enslavement, while at the same time imposing draconian censorship and nationwide internet filtering, under the hypocritical pretext of child abuse ?
Real peace is only possible in an environment consistent for everyone, allowing all people say what they want to say, with equal access to all of the media, empowering participants to participate in a transparent media that illuminates quickly, for the viewing public the hypocrisies, corruption and cronyism, endemic in British sponsored Irish political life. To build trust, to persuade, to achieve real peace, there must be credibility with a proven track record of honesty and consistency by any leadership, with the possibility of change based on transparency and real time access to the facts as they happen not thirty years later..
How then can we have a peaceful path of persuasion with such rampant censorship and imprisoned political dissidents on a scale greater than the ratio of pilloried China?. How can we persuade the minority in British Occupied Ireland, of our vision of an agreed united Ireland, when political activists are being murdered by British mentored political parties? How can a real peace take root, without principles of social justice in deprived estates all over the island ?.
A recent personal experience of mine, being personally kidnapped and threatened with, " an accident" to silence my beliefs and the censorship of a petition on Facebook for real peace with justice in Ireland along with Indymedia Ireland as opposed to any other Indymedia outlet in any other country in the world, confirms for me personally, the insincerity of the majority of the parties to the agreement, putting self interest, ahead of the interests of all of the people of the country, just like all of the southern establishment crony bankster parties and bribed union leadership. They are instead, prepared to go to any extreme, to maintain control of their own special, vested interests, in a pseudo, peace process, which in reality is about special interests, shared power and political crony corporate wealth.
Social justice is the foundation stone of any real genuine peace. It is clearly absent in the Belfast agreement. A non-violent society is only possible in circumstance of social justice, fairness and equality, with the rights of free speech for everyone. Truth and forgiveness are also key elements of any real peace, which are not possible, with official secret's acts and the absence of honesty and genuine pleas for forgiveness, in a truth and reconciliation setting. Those corrupt politicians who continue to hide their parts in murder and child rape, have no business in any position of leadership of such a process. Only a radical social change will create the conditions for real peace in all of Ireland.
Human rights in Ireland have two commissions on the island, both of which are definetly not doing their job. There is a joint committee of the two, which is meant to consider all-Ireland human rights, which is clearly just a talking shop that ignores widespread violations on a politically selective basis. An Ireland where human rights and equality are ignored and an official blind eye, to officially sanctioned widespread abuse and murder, is not a basis for any form of peace.
Real peace in Ireland requires a basic principle of unity for social justice, human rights, equality and prosperity. What use is any process Ireland where ordinary people cannot participate effectively in it? The current harsh reality is that neither scum state, values people other than their vote, which is all on the basis of tweedledee, tweedledum politics anyway, in a sectarian headcount of an uninformed censored ignorant society.
One of the main communication policies, being advocated by the British government to its colonies and compliant ex-colonies worldwide, including both of its scum states in Ireland, are nationwide internet filtering, to block and slow down what they term illegal and ‘inappropriate’ material, with excuses like to ‘protect children’ or 'protect copyright' or terrorism, while the reality is that their intelligence services are the ones pushing state sponsored terrorism and child rape, as a form of their political and blackmail control in the establishment of all of its commonwealth and compliant state bureaucracy.
There is incredible abuse in the process. Blacklists sit in the hands of a small group of bureaucrats and with outlets such as Indymedia Ireland.. These select few have political and partisan intention, they manipulate the international internet filters to decide worldwide what opinions, news stories or political views people are allowed to access particularly relating to British Occupied Ireland.They replicate exactly what happens in countries where similar filters exist (see China and Burma), hypocritically championing Chinese dissidents, while murdering dissident lawyers, journalists and protectors of children, against child rape in Ireland and politically interning the remainder, waiting for kangaroo trials without jury for years, to silence Ireland's prisoner's of conscience for liberty, equality and fraternity.
All of Ireland currently is a police state, policed by British thought police with regime's the most right-wing and corrupt in Europe. The government of both scum states north and south want to reserve the right to block any material they deem ‘offensive’, including peace sites critical of the police states, while at the same time they refuse to disclose, what is on their list of offensive material. The fact that the British Government and their collaborators keep this list secret, under their so called Official Secrets Act, is indicative of their sinister and political intentions while breaking blatantly the basic terms of their contrived, pseudo, provisional, peace process in Ireland. The reality is that any genuine alternative to their political status quo is censored.
With rampant corruption, police brutality, kangaroo courts, state sponsorship of child rape, selective British paramilitary police, sponsorship of criminality and back breaking poverty, there is a revolution coming in Ireland. Without justice, there can be no REAL peace. This obvious fact is disguised under the pretence of the pseudo, provisional, peace, process, whose terms have already been broken by the British. Obviously there are vested establishment careerist and monetary interests in having as many Irish people as possible, at each others throats in the meantime, like in Iraq and Afghanistan, as they take their age old divide and conquer policies to a new level of depravity, in a country that is going bankrupt materially and morally, as result of ruthless, heartless, foreign Imperialism.
Indymedia Ireland stands accused of being a tool of British Imperialism in Ireland not just with its rampant censorship but its ignorance of real working class issues in Ireland

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