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Saturday, December 18, 2010


"Serious fuckwittage" Bridget said loudly. 
"Yeah" agreed Shaz, "that guy's buried himself in his own fuckwittage."

A couple of years ago the former director of the FBI Louis Freeh, attacked Britain's MI5 for its "long and painful history" in British Occupied Ireland. He told the Wall Street Journal that the spy agency's operations in Occupied Ireland had been decades of "secrecy and non-transparency" and he argued vehemently against any such agency being established in the States.

MI-5 which is officially known as the Security Service is based in appropriately named Holywood, in British Occupied Ireland, where they are supposed to be the intelligence gathering arm of the British paramilitary police the PSNI but are in fact the de-facto government of Occupied Ireland, with an elected filtered executive in the province, to rubber stamp their polices and create the illusion of a semi-democratic single party state, in what is in reality is Ireland's second British compliant scum statelet.

Mr Freeh openly criticised MI5, which worked with the FBI intimately in operations against the IRA while he was FBI director. The FBI published Freeh's comments in a Press release on its own FBI website. Freeh angrily in the strongest possible terms, rejected arguments by a neo-con federal court judge Posner, that the United States needs its own version of MI5. Mr Freeh described the idea as "dangerous and dumb".

He said "Judge Posner's citation to England's MI5 is romantic enough but needs to be qualified by the long and painful history of its operations in Northern Ireland, which are still unfolding after decades of secrecy and non-transparency." Warning that such an organisation could not in any way be trusted by the US public, he accused Judge Posner of giving a " long winded thesis" that had no bearing in reality.

Freeh argued incorrectly, post 9/11, that the American public opinion would never tolerate a CIA-type organisation working against its own US citizens or non-citizens "who live and work under our flag. I suppose that this secret-police agency would appear before Congress in closed sessions and operate with a black budget," 

Freeh who resigned in 2001 after ten years as FBI director, previously worked very closely with British spying agencies, such as MI-5 and MI-6 and obviously had an intimate knowledge of how British secret services really worked. He had serious confrontations with President Bill Clinton, because of his efforts at prosecuting US-based IRA members. President Clinton and the former FBI chief had fierce, shouting, exchanges over Bill Clinton's refusal, to allow the prosecution of four Miami-based IRA gun-runners.

If a hardliner such as Freeh, had such a poor opinion of MI-5, it begs the question of what kind of a fuckwittage junta, is really running British Occupied Ireland, presently.

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